Caring for Your Handbag

Caring for Your Handbag

Caring for Your Handbag

How to Keep Your Designer Handbag Like New

When investing in a designer handbag, preserving the value by proper maintenance, cleaning, and storage is key. This will insure years of use and enjoyment. The price of a designer handbag reflects the materials and craftsmanship of its construction. Knowing how to prevent damage to the exterior, hardware, inside lining, straps and overall bag integrity is important. The everyday, practical use of our handbags causes wear and tear over time. Taking steps to protect your handbag through day-to-day life will secure its longevity.

Leather Care

Treating your bag with a leather protector can help prevent minor scratches and stains. Choosing good quality leather cleaner and conditioner is important. Using cleaner will remove soil, body oils, grease and food. Utilizing a choice conditioner will moisturize and soften, keeping your handbag looking new. When applying any of these products make sure to use a soft, clean rag or cloth. Never use paper towels or napkins. And most importantly, never use household cleaning products on your bag. These chemicals are harsh and abrasive, and will damage the exterior.

Avoiding the Elements

This can be tricky at times and being prepared makes a big difference. To avoid unnecessary surface stains, always keep your hands clean. Don’t grab your bag directly after handling food. The oils and grease in many foods will permanently damage your bag. Never handle your bag with wet nail polish. If you have an appointment at a salon, it’s safe not to take your best bag. Try your best to avoid rain. If you do get caught in a storm, dry your handbag with a soft towel and let air dry.

Also, never sit your bag on the floor or under a table at a restaurant. This is an easy way to ruin the exterior of your handbag. Purse hangers are handy and can be used anywhere there is a sturdy ledge can hold your handbag.


Properly storing your bag when not in use will easily maintain the look and quality of your bag. When putting your bag into hibernation, always use a dust cover. This will prevent fading and any possible external damage while in storage. If you’ve lost your dust cover, a soft pillow case works just as well. Stuffing your bag with tissue paper before storage will help keep the original shape. Never store your handbag in an area prone to humidity.

General Care

Try not to overload your handbag. It can misshape the bag and cause permanent damage on the strap. Keep the inside of your handbag clean and wipe it regularly. A damp cloth with mild soap works very well. Pens, pencils, make-up, nail polish, and perfume all have the potential to ruin the inside of your handbag. Carry these items in a small tote or make-up bag.

By following these guidelines your designer handbag is bound to stay beautiful and last a lifetime!