Celine Handbag Guide

Celine Handbag Guide

Celine Handbag Guide

Is Your Celine Bag the Real Thing?

Celine Vipiana founded the luxury brand now known as Celine in the 1940s. The original line focused on making shoes for children. Parents could send measurements directly to the company, which made custom shoes for kids. The design house eventually launched its own line of clothing and accessories for women, and it released a line of ready-to-wear clothing in the 1960s. Though the company changed quite a bit over the years, it released hundreds of handbags and purses for women. Celine handbags now come in a wide range of styles and types.

Phantom vs. Box Bag

The two most popular types of Celine bags are the Phantom and the Box Bag. The Phantom is the most classic design. It features a large square design in the center with two flaps that jut out from either side. Brown is the most popular color, but the bag also comes in some brighter and more vibrant shades. The Phantom also features two small handles at the top of the bag. The Box Bag is similar to the Phantom, but this handbag has a simple box shape without the additional flaps. It also features two handles on the top of the bag. Though the company makes other bags, these are the more popular options.

Looking at Material

The first thing to look at when determining if a bag is authentic or not is the material used in its construction. Celine always uses leather and suede, and both materials have a completely smooth feel. Though it’s sometimes hard to see the smoothness of the leather online, you can look closely at the bag. Fake and replica bags will often have small nubs in the leather or a slight texture to the finish. If the bag doesn’t have a smooth finish, it isn’t a true Celine bag.

Other Signs of Reproductions

Celine uses a special manufacturing process that some companies hope to replicate with reproduction bags. One thing you should look at is the base of the bag. An authentic Celine bag will have a smooth bottom with either metal or plastic feet in a square design. Fake bags often use the same style of feet, but some fake bags use round feet. Replica bags will also have a large or wide seam that runs across the middle of the bottom.

Celine handbags are some of the most popular purses sold around the world. Whether you buy a new bag in person or online, you can look at the leather and construction to determine if your bag is the real deal.