Chloe Handbag Guide

Chloe Handbag Guide

Chloe Handbag Guide

Guide to Authentic Chloe Handbags

Chloe handbags come in a wide selection of colors and styles, which can make it a challenge to know whether you are purchasing an authentic bag. Chloe, like other high end brand names, is a company that features some distinct trademarks that make identifying an authentic handbag a little simpler. From the signature lock on the front of the bag to high quality workmanship, there are some basics to look for anytime you purchase a bag from this designer.

Buying Online

Whether you are buying from an individual or through an authorized vendor, you will want to know exactly what to look for to ensure your Chloe bag is authentic. Most vendors are department stores that are highly reputable and well-known. If you are purchasing your bag from an official vendor, you don’t really need to be concerned. Most sellers aren’t authorized, however, which can lead to purchasing a bag that isn’t an original. When buying secondhand or from an unauthorized vendor, you will need to be familiar with the styles and materials used in Chloe handbags.

Most Chloe handbags are made from soft leather. The leather should appear soft and supple, not stiff. For instance, look to see if the sides of the bag fold slightly when the bag is sitting. If the bag stands up straight, you probably have a fake. You can also examine the lock that comes on some Chloe bags. The lock should match the leather of the bag and the hole on the keyhole should face upward when the Chloe name is pointed straight out from the bag.

Compare Bags

One thing to compare when purchasing a Chloe Paddington handbag is the price of a bag. While a used bag may be sold for less if it is slightly damaged, the price of a new Paddington is generally over $900. If you find a handbag for much less than this, you can feel confident that the bag isn’t authentic. Other styles from the designer can vary in price, so make sure to compare any bag that you are interested in before making a purchase.

Vintage and pre-owned bags are a simple way to get a designer bag for less if you are on a budget. All Chloe handbags are made in Italy, and have a tag that says so. If your Chloe bag is missing one or more letters in the stamped tag, it probably isn’t an authentic handbag.

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