Christian Dior Handbag Guide

Christian Dior Handbag Guide

Christian Dior Handbag Guide

Watch Out for Fakes: Enjoy Owning an Authentic Christian Dior Handbag

The fabulous Christian Dior name has been gracing the fashion world since 1947. Over the years the Dior brand has become synonymous with high quality couture style and luxury. Dior handbags are treasured throughout the world. Many people desire to own at least one Dior bag as a testament to their exquisite taste.

Since Dior is considered to be one of the top design houses in the world, fraudsters looking to capitalize on their popularity are always copying the handbags. These designer bags are quite pricey, and when you spend your money on one you want to be sure it is authentic. Spotting fakes can be challenging unless you know what telltale signs to look for when shopping.

Here are some quick tips to help you tell the difference between fake and real bags:

Material Differences

A true Dior bag is going to be made with the finest quality materials. However, counterfeiters can do a good job of disguising their work. So, that leaves you with checking out smaller details. Open up the bag and check the nylon lining.

You know the bag is authentic if the lining is a dark color. Light colored lining material indicates it is a fake.

Manufacturing Country

Dior handbags are made in Italy. Check the label to see the country of origin. If the label states it was made in Paris or France, it is a fake.


Tags are always stitched into the bag with the wording Christian Dior at the very top. Underneath the name is usually the word Paris. A serial code may be on back of the tag. Tags are never glued on.


A small detail such as uneven stitching can often give the fake away. Check all stitching to look for abnormalities.

Authenticity Card

Authenticity cards are often faked. Watch out for lettering that rubs off easily, words that are misspelled, sloppy lettering imperfections and unsigned point-of-sale cards. Real cards are never placed inside of plastic holders.

The popular Dior Gaucho designs come with authenticity cards with Christian Dior appearing in black lettering on the front. Gold lettering was only used for older designs.

The Dust Bag

Lettering on the dust bag should be gray in color.

Price Tag

The price tag on an authentic bag always dangles from a white string. There should not be any printing on the back of the tag.