Coach Handbag Guide

Coach Handbag Guide

Coach Handbag Guide

Spotting an Authentic Coach Handbag

If you’ve been looking for a new Coach handbag, it’s not unlikely that you’ll want to find the best deal on the handbag that fits your personal style. However, it’s important to keep a few tips in mind to help you spot genuine Coach bags, as there are several replicas out there.

Outer Design

You can take that a Coach signature collection bag is a fake if the “C” pattern throughout the bag is not aligned properly. The “C”s that are facing each other in the pattern should touch–that’s one of the signs of a real handbag from Coach. The bag should also start and line up in the middle of the purse’s front panel. Also, the “C”s should run from side to side on the purse–not up and down.

Some replica handbag sellers will even present customers with purses that have a Coach-like design of large “G”s printed all over the bag instead of “C”s. This is an obvious sign that the bag is fake and is not an indication that the handbag was made by Gucci.

Purse Lining

The stitching of the bag should be uniform. There shouldn’t be any stitches that are longer than others on the inside of the bag. You won’t see any printed “C’s” on the purse lining of a real coach bag. The lining will either be a in a solid hue, or in a striped pattern if the bag is from the Legacy Collection.

Finally, the Coach Creed, which will include the bags serial number and information about the method the bag was made in, will also be formatted a certain way if the purse is genuine. The creed is made up of both numbers and letters. The first group of numbers will indicate the year the bag was made, and the second set of numbers in the creed is the style number. So, if you’re buying your Coach bag online, search for the style number of the purse to determine if you’re purchasing an authentic item, as most counterfeit purses will include the year they were made on the fake creed.

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