Gucci Handbag Guide

Gucci Handbag Guide

Gucci Handbag Guide

A Guide to Finding Authentic Gucci Handbags

Founded in Florence, Italy in 1921, Gucci is an Italian fashion brand most famous for its authentic leather handbags. All of the company’s products are manufactured in Italy. Gucci’s leather accessories are immediately recognizable because of the brand’s “double G” logo. More specifically, this emblem is essentially two letter G’s facing each other and interlocking.

How to Spot a Fake Gucci Handbag

Because of Gucci’s popularity, buying the brand’s handbags over the Internet is a particularly risky proposition. That is, there are a number of Asian leather goods manufacturers that produce replica Gucci handbags.

Thankfully, though, authentic Gucci purses come with several different indicators signifying their legitimacy. For starters, every Gucci handbag has a “Made in Italy” tag. This tag has a Gucci emblem and a registered “R” is emblazoned on it, too. If your handbag does not have a tag, or has a tag without all of the aforementioned details, the purse is probably a knockoff.

A serial number is printed onto the interior side of this sewn in Gucci label. Presently, Gucci uses a pattern of two different serial numbers, one on top of the other, on its newly manufactured bags.

All new Gucci handbags also come with a luxurious dust bag. There are several variations of the smaller bag. Currently, Gucci will pair its purses with a black or brown bag that has a repeating GG logo on it. Another possibility is a brown drawstring with Gucci written in capital letters in gold script, or a dark brown drawstring with the same font. If, for example, your Gucci purse does not come with a drawstring bag, or the drawstring bag has a strange-looking logo or is of inferior material, do not purchase the handbag.

Other indicators of a legitimate Gucci handbag are the contralto card and information booklet that accompany every legitimate Gucci product. The contralto card indicates that the Gucci purse was examined for quality after manufacture, while the information booklet outlines the design specifications of the leather fashion accessory. Without exception, a Gucci contralto card will have the number sequence “1234567890” written on it. If this number does not appear on the card, or the information booklet is rife with misspelling and inconsistencies, do not trust the authenticity of this Gucci product.

Hardware and Quality

The stitching on an authentic Gucci handbag will be neat, clean, and oriented in straight lines. Gucci invests heavily in its product control, so be suspicious of any crooked stitching lines or missing stiches. Additionally, all of the hardware used on Gucci handbags is made of high-quality solid metal that does not flake.

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