Handbag Materials

Handbag Materials

Handbag Materials

Common Fabrics and Materials Used in Designer Handbags

Designer handbags are made from a wide range of materials, including nylon, leather and canvas. The type of material used varies significantly depending on the style of the bag as well as the name brand. You will want to become familiar with the most commonly used materials to ensure you always get an authentic handbag when shopping for new styles.

Quality Materials

The most important factor to consider when purchasing a new designer handbag is the quality of the materials used in the bag. For instance, leather should be supple and soft, and canvas should be thick and durable with no flaws. Even high quality nylon looks different than lower quality options because the color is often deeper and the material doesn’t shine the way that lower quality fabrics appear to. For the best results when purchasing a bag, make sure to touch the fabric. High quality materials will also be used inside the bag.

Look for Logos and Trademarks

Handbag MaterialThe materials used in designer handbags are often signature or contain specific words, phrases or designs that help verify that the bag is authentic. Before buying, look to make sure signature fabric is aligned properly based on photos of bags that you know are authentic. You should note whether the fabric used in the bag feels heavy and smooth, a trademark of designer bags, or rough. Leather handles and straps are also very common on designer bags. You will want to be sure that the handles are made from very high quality material that matches or compliments the color of the bag. The straps should also be heavy, not hollow or covered with thin or rough materials.

Suede bags are less common than some other materials, but many designers have at least one style handbag made from suede rather than more traditional options. The bag should have the traditional trademarks and tags to be considered authentic. The bag should also smell leather-like and be soft and supple. Look at several factors, including the materials used on the bag, when making a purchase to help authenticate your bag and ensure you have a bag that last for some time to come.

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