Handbag Style Tips

Handbag Style Tips

Handbag Style Tips

Handbag Trends You’ll Love

Your handbag adds a punch of color to your outfit. It helps to create a sophisticated style and can even make you look thinner. A handbag is much more than a place to put your keys, cell and makeup, it’s a fashion necessity that every woman needs to enhance her look.


Today’s fashionable women know that matching your handbag to your shoes is no longer a symbol of style but an outdated approach to creating a smart and elegant appearance. Decades ago, women were advised that all their leather accessories like shoes, belts and handbags should match in material and hue.

Fast forward to the beginning of this century, and women were advised that shoes and handbags should not match. Matching became a fashion faux pas. Chic women went out of their way to mix and match their accessories so that shoes or boots did not match their purses and handbags.

Today, women are choosing to carry handbags in bold, bright tones that add a large splash of colorful excitement to their outfits. For example, a woman wearing a dark green dress may wear tan boots and carry a bright purple handbag to make her fashion statement.


Even if you’re running around town in jeans and a tee shirt, you can still wow people with your sense of style. A gorgeous handbag in a beautiful shade adds sophistication and a cosmopolitan vibe to your casual clothing.

Handbag Style TipsCarry a metallic beaded clutch, and your jeans and tee shirt are instantly perceived as being less casual and more upscale. A beautiful, lemon-toned tote in buttery leather will make your black trousers and white blouse look spectacular, and a sweet, satchel-style bag in periwinkle blue will turn your khakis and sweater into a classic look that you can wear while shopping during the day or to dinner at night.


A large handbag has two important attributes: it holds a variety of necessities, and it also hides the area of your body that you think could benefit from a bit of slimming. Hold the bag in front of you, and you’ll hide that tummy bulge instantly.

Wear it on your hip, and you’ll reduce the appearance of your waist and hips. Movie stars and celebrities use their large handbags to camouflage areas of their bodies when they are having photos taken. Non-celebrities can do the same thing.

A good handbag is like a good friend. It adds zing and pizzazz to your everyday outfits, enhances your wardrobe with bold pops of color, and it comes in handy to use an instant slimmer for times when you feel self-conscious about your physique.

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