How to Spot a Fake

How to Spot a Fake

How to Spot a Fake

Tips for Avoiding Knock-Off Handbags

Buying a designer handbag is an investment. You will want to be sure that you have an authentic bag before you commit to the purchase, or you may end up with a knock-off that isn’t worth much and that doesn’t last as long as an authentic bag. The basics of identifying a bag are fairly simple once you know exactly what to look for.

Materials and Stitching

The materials that the handbag is made of and the stitching are both important features to examine when purchasing a bag. A quality bag will be made of excellent material that has no flaws.

Depending on the brand that you are purchasing, you may also be able to examine the placement of the fabric to determine whether it is authentic. For instance, if the bag is made from fabric that features letters, the letters should line up directly in the center of the bag. If the letters are off center, the bag may not be authentic. The stitches should also be flawless and made from a high quality, durable thread that matches the color of the bag.

Origin of Handbag

How To Spot a FakeBuying a handbag online from an unofficial vendor is often not recommended, although you can find authentic handbags on some websites. You should look for documentation that proves the authenticity of the bag when buying online. You may also use an authentication service that examines photos of the handbag before you make your purchase. The pricing is also important to consider. If the price is too good to be true, chances are that the bag isn’t authentic.

Trademark Tags

Some bags have a special tag that helps to identify a knock-off. Hologram stickers on the interior tag and stamped leather tags are both commonly used. Leather stamped tags are typically indented where the letters are, rather than raised, and there won’t be any misspellings or errors on the tag. Compare the stamped tag with a handbag that you know is authentic to help determine whether it is an original. The trademark stickers and tags can easily be copied, however, so use this method of identification with other factors when purchasing a bag.

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