Kate Spade Handbag Guide

Kate Spade Handbag Guide

Kate Spade Handbag Guide

Tips for Choosing an Authentic Kate Spade Handbag

Kate Spade handbags are made for the modern woman that wants high quality bags that have a timeless style. Her colorful designs are loved for their sleek uniqueness and affordability. Whatever mood you are in there is a bag in this line that fits it perfectly. For avid fans of her line it is impossible to own just one. This has led to an explosion of popularity for owning one.

Even though Kate Spade bags are among the more affordable designer accessories they have been copied and passed off as real. If you are a fan of her handbags, you should take a moment to discover how to tell the difference between real and fake bags. This protects you from unknowingly spending good money on an item that is not authentic.

Kate Spade Handbag Designs

It is helpful to study authentic handbags made by this designer and pay attention to material and specific design details. For starters, Kate Spade bags never have two small front pockets, color-blocking, or backpack styles. Stay away from bags featuring celebrity faces, camouflage, black stripes on top, and sunflower and tie-dye prints.

Copycat bag makers tend to be lazy and will sometimes try to pass off a Kate Spade bag that looks exactly like other popular designer bags. If you are suspicious of a particular design, you should hold off making the purchase until you can verify its authenticity.

Where Are They Made?

Most new Kate Spade bags are made in just a few countries. A majority of leather bags are made in Italy. Nylon bags are manufactured in China and Indonesia. Straw bags are made in the Philippines and Taiwan.

Bag Labeling

One of the better ways to tell a fake from the real thing is to check the tag. Without exception, if the tag is glued onto any part of the bag it is a fake. Authentic bags always have tags sewn in or embossed.

The lettering on the Kate Spade label is always in lower case. It should always read Kate Spade New York unless it is a special collection, which will be duly noted. Skip bags with missing labels.

Check the Bottom

Turn the bag over and look at the metal studs on the bottom. Fake bags may have studs that are larger than a dime or a pointed shape. The authentic bags feature elegantly round studs.