Longchamp Handbag Guide

Longchamp Handbag Guide

Longchamp Handbag Guide

What to Know When Purchasing Longchamp Handbags

Longchamp handbags are simple, stylish designer bags that are made with strict quality standards and performance in mind. You can be sure that you are getting an authentic Longchamp bag using some basic tips and tricks to identify a knock-off within seconds. The first step is examining the exterior of the bag. You may be able to spot a fake handbag even if you only have access to photos.

Fabric and Exterior Features

Longchamp handbags are sold in a variety of fabrics, but the most popular handbags from this brand are either nylon or leather. Nylon handbags should be made with high quality material that doesn’t seem cheap or shiny. If you see a photo and the nylon fabric is shining, chances are good that the bag isn’t authentic. You should also check the handle or strap length to make sure it matches a bag that has been verified authentic by Longchamp.

Additionally, the straps should be made from thick, durable leather. Some fake handbags have straps that are made from thinner leather that is reinforced by plastic. Authentic bags do not have a hollow strap. You should also examine the zipper and other hardware on the bag before making a purchase. Most high quality handbags use a YKK zipper that is evenly stitched and aligned perfectly. Along with the YKK symbol, you should also note the appearance of the zipper pull. On Longchamp handbags, the zipper pull features a highly detailed horse and jockey. If the horse and jockey aren’t clearly distinct from each other, you may want to look elsewhere for a Longchamp handbag.


The interior of a designer handbag is just as well-made as the exterior. Longchamp bags have a button that is backed by thin plastic and features several tags and features that make it simpler to identify a real bag. Le Pliage handbags, for instance, there is typically a small green Longchamp tag sewn into the inside of the bag. The Le Pliage collection is manufactured in either France or China, and will say so on the tag. Avoid any handbags that are sold with hangtags on the exterior strap, since there are very few designer handbags that come with this type of tag. Instead, look for the bag that you are interested in from the Longchamp line and compare the bag you are interested in to the original. You should be able to identify a knock-off fairly easily using this type of comparison.