Michael Kors Handbag Guide

Michael Kors Handbag Guide

Michael Kors Handbag Guide

How to Be Sure You Are Choosing an Authentic Michael Kors Handbag

Michael Kors is one of the most loved and admired fashion designers in the modern era. His handbags are considered a must have by many women that love designer fashion. Because of his immense worldwide popularity, there are those that attempt to knock-off his designs in order to sell fake handbags to unsuspecting consumers. Sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference between real and fake bags. However, when seeking to own an authentic Michael Kors handbag there are some telltale signs that you are indeed buying the real thing.

Outside Logo Tag

A distinctive feature found on most of Michael Kors bags is the MK logo outside the bag. The logo is usually a metallic gold or embossed gold. The initials M and K are sitting in the middle of a round circle. The name Michael Kors is stamped on the bottom of the circle. The MK letters are closely blended together. Lettering is perfectly straight and spaced. There should not be any blemishes or discoloring.

Inside Logo Tag

Check for a logo tag inside of the bag. It may say Michael Kors or MK with his name spelled out. Lettering should appear very neat. It mirrors the quality of the entire bag.

Quality of Materials

Authentic designer handbags made by Michael Kors are always going to use the highest quality material. Real leather and outstanding fabrics with amazing designer detail touches. If the material doesn’t wow you, it could be a fake.

Run your hand along the interior of the bag lining. Ask yourself if this truly feels luxurious to the touch. The interior lining should be as sumptuous as the outside.


Examine the stitching around the lining. The quality of the stitching should be superior. Stitches are neatly done in a straight line with no fraying. Thread color perfectly matches the bag color.


All of the hardware on his bags is of durable metal. Hardware gleams and is not discolored. Some of the hardware may have an engraved Michael Kors logo or name.

When looking for the perfect Michael Kors handbag to add to your fashion accessory collection it is important to watch out for fakes. There are some easy ways to double-check to be sure you are choosing an authentic designer bag. There is no substitute for the high quality, beauty and durability found in his handbag line.