Prada Handbag Guide

Prada Handbag Guide

Prada Handbag Guide

Read These Tips to Make Sure Your Prada Handbag is Authentic

Prada is a designer brand in the fashion industry that instantly inspires feelings of affluence and success. Celebrities around the world are often photographed while carrying their Prada handbag. These designer bags are clean, smart and go beautifully with casual or sophisticated outfits.

The Prada brand is so well known and admired that it has also inspired numerous cheap knockoffs. If owning the real thing is important to you, read the following tips to ensure that you are truly getting an authentic designer Prada bag.

Check the Logo

Many details can be easily copied from authentic designers. However, producing an exact copy can be quite challenging. It truly does come down to those little details. The first thing to do is examine the logo carefully. Prada uses a very unique font style that is difficult to correctly duplicate.

The second leg of the “R” does not come down straight. Instead, it is slightly raised. One side of the letter “A” is extended and slanted. Logo lettering has a bold thickness and is lined up perfectly.

Outside the bag there is usually a triangular shaped plaque. The Prada lettering inside features the words Milano directly underneath the Prada brand. A banner and seal is included.

The interior handbag plaque is simpler and includes the brand name and made in Italy. The Milano wording may or may not be displayed.

Check to make sure lettering is neat and spelled correctly. Lettering is raised. The plaques should be securely attached to the bag.

Handbag Materials

Some of the top quality materials Prada uses in its bags is textured leather, polished leather, calf leather, Napa leather, felt, nylon, suede and satin. All materials are very high quality.

Take a look at the interior lining. It should feature their elegant Prada signature fabric. A distinctive sideways “s” symbol appears with a flourish right after the Prada name.


There will be gold, silver or rose-toned colors only on any hardware. The Prada name can clearly be read. Wording on fakes is often not as clear.


Authentic Prada zipper brands are IPI, Lampo, Opti, riri and ykk.

Dust Cover

New bags come with a white cotton dust cover featuring a beautifully embossed dark colored signature design. They have a drawstring closure. The old versions are navy blue with gold signature.
Look for a dark purple authenticity card that comes with all their accessories.

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