Stylish Bags for the Office

Designer Bags Perfect for the Workplace

A dinner with friends or a day of running errands aren’t the only places you can carry a stylish bag. Finding a practical bag for the office means looking for an accessory that is large enough to hold your essential professional items without being too bulky or cumbersome. Here are a few designers bags that you’ll want to keep in mind while you’re putting together your work wardrobe.

Large totes from Foley + Corinna give any work outfit a polished finishing touch. Most of the bags from this brand can hold electronic devices like tablets or small laptops easily. And, there are several compartments in the bag that help you keep your items organized. The Mid City tote is especially ideal for work, since it has a long shoulder strap for comfort and two hand straps, along with a long pocket in the front to keep items like your mobile phone or daily scheduler. The bag is made from leather and comes in neutral shades like camel, which are suitable for office attire.

Stylish Bags for the officeThe Woman’s Brief Bag from LeatherTree is another great buy if you have lots of documents and folders that you need to carry to work often. The briefcase zips at the top and has a lock and key so you can be sure that all your important papers are protected. This stylish bag also has compartments for your business cards, pens and mobile device, so you can stay organized by keeping everything in one place.

If your job requires that you carry your laptop to various locations on a regular basis, you’ll want to carry a computer bag that is chic and refined. The Dreamy computer case by Marc Jacobs is a fashionable choice and has an adjustable strap that makes carrying your computer around much easier. The bag is also lined in microfiber to help keep your computer safe and free of scratches and smudges. Most 15-inch laptops can easily fit into the bag, and the tote also includes an outside pocket for added convenience.

You can find these stylish professionally stylish bags at major department stores, or order them from your favorite retailer online.