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Making Your Designer Handbags Last

Designer handbags can be a major purchase for any lady, but ladies typically purchase these bags because they will last them a lifetime. As long as the handbags look fantastic, ladies are going to very happy to hold onto them for a lifetime until they can hand them down to their own daughters or nieces. Making a family heirloom out of a beautiful handbag is easier than you might have thought. Simply follow a few easy steps.

Caring for Your Handbag

Most designer handbags are made of some kind of split leather hide. Occasionally, the hide is un-split and very thick, but the care of each handbag is the same regardless of the texture and thickness of the leather.

When you have a handbag that is any color other than black, it is likely made from oil-tanned leather. This means that the color will slowly change over time. This also means that scratches and scuffs can be easily repaired.

Tips and TricksWhen you have scratches and scuffs on your handbags, you can use a shoe cream or leather treatment to makes the scratches and scuffs disappear. Even on black handbags are typically dyed leather, show polish can make the scratches and scuffs disappear magically.

The strap and metal parts should also be polished occasionally to make sure that they are always in good shape and not in danger or rusting. The strap itself must be watched very carefully because it could separate from the body of the bag. However, most straps can be repaired if the need arises.

Style is Important

When you are purchasing a handbag that you intend to keep for a lifetime, you need to consider the style of the bag. Many styles will stand the test of time, but there are bags that will obviously feel and look dated in the years to come.

The design of the bag also indicates how well it will hold up. A bag that is clutched close to the body will wear down more quickly than a bag that hangs loosely from the shoulder. Moreover, a bag that hangs loosely from the shoulder will show wear on the strap more easily.

Knock-Offs Don’t Last as Long

Knock-offs may look just like the real thing, but they are not designed to last as long as the original. When you pay a lower price, you get lower quality. You must simply be aware of what quality bag you are buying to hold onto for a lifetime and hand down to your granddaughters one day.

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