Tory Burch Handbag Guide

Intro to Tory Burch Handbags

Tory Burch is a brand known for artfully combining impeccable style with professional respectability. It has become a rite of passage for a young woman to buy Tory Burch clothing and accessories after landing her first post-college job. The label’s collections represent the kind of woman that everyone wants to be. She always looks polished, but she never loses the special touches that make her unique.

Tory Burch’s handbags emphasize versatility and function. They are the kinds of bags that one could carry to work every day viagra canada. She could even bring it with her straight to happy hour without looking like she’s toting around a typical work satchel. These purses are appropriate for all situations.

Tory Burch is most famous for its shoes. When a woman wears a pair of ballet flats with the brand’s famous cross logo over the toes, she is telling the world that she has class and great taste. It is only natural that Tory Burch’s handbags would convey the same message. The label’s designers do subtle work with patterns and contrasting trims. This results in purses that can be carried by women of all ages. The bags are trendy, but they are not too youthful for mature women to proudly wear on their arms.

There are handbags available in a variety of motifs. There are casual bohemian totes in rustic colors and natural-looking patterns. Similar patterns cover purses with short handles as well as tiny clutches with chain straps. Some of the bags have industrial, edgy details. Leather that has been colored and treated to resemble snakeskin is laid out in contrasting swatches to form a handbag that looks a bit androgynous despite its delicate construction. The bags that are overtly feminine are especially lovely. They are tinted a sweet pastel pink or retro red. Full floral scenes cover the outer panels. Intricate filigree patterns are complemented by handles in solid colors.

Tory Burch bags emphasize simplicity and consistency. They are easy to carry, and they incorporate neutral tones that allow them to match nearly any outfit. They have been designed to be the dependable bags that women reach for when they are heading out the door to work or class. A Tory Burch bag would be the perfect gift for a woman who enjoys classic style and has an eye for good quality. A Tory Burch handbag is the rare gift that the recipient will actually use and enjoy.