Types of Handbags

Types of Handbags

Types of Handbags

A Bag for Every Event in a Woman’s Life

The type of designer bag a woman carries depends on the event or situation for which she needs the bag. Designer bags come in a variety of shapes and materials. There’s a designer bag for every situation in a woman’s life. One type of bag will not fit every event a woman has to attend though. A designer satchel would be perfect for a student, but wouldn’t work for a formal, evening event.


This bag is normally used for carrying books or papers. It’s often compared to a soft-sided briefcase since it doesn’t have to be used for students alone. Business men and woman use satchels instead of briefcases since it’s easier to carry. It often crosses the body hanging from one shoulder to the opposite hip.


A crescent-shaped handbag or purse used to carry personal possessions. They are worn over the shoulder. They are called hobo bags because hobos are often portrayed carrying a similar shape on the end of a stick in cartoons. These bags are often quite small.


This bag is often carried by women as an evening purse. It’s a slim, compact bag that has no handles or straps. It’s used to hold the barest essentials for a night out on the town or on a date. The purse matches the outfit of the woman wearing it.


Types of HandbagsThe tote bag is a large bag with two handles for carrying many things like books, crafting supplies or beach incidentals. The handles are often made of thick materials as is the bag itself. This makes it a sturdy bag for carrying. Many people use totes made of recycled materials for grocery shopping instead of using plastic bags because it’s a green alternative.


A duffel bag is a large bag made of canvas or tough cloth to hold large items. It’s often used for sports equipment like hockey pads or soccer shin guards. Many people use it in the place of more traditional luggage when traveling. People in the military often use these bags.

Each bag is used for a specific purpose in different situations. A woman would not use a duffel bag with an evening gown, and a college freshman would not store her books in a clutch purse. Many designers have the perfect bag for each event or situation that a woman has in her life.

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