What to Look For in a Designer Handbag

Guide to Choosing the Perfect Designer Purse

If you are feeling like a splurge and in the market for a new designer handbag there are many choices from size to function to fabric and of course, price. The cost of a designer handbag varies by both brand and size. A large bag or satchel typically costs more than a small or medium-sized clutch or wristlet. There are several purchase options available from direct from the manufacturer to a department store or third party seller, but beware of fakes when purchasing bags second hand. There are several things to consider when buying a luxury handbag.

If practicality is your main concern, consider the fabric. Many designer brands such as Coach and Michael Kors offer bags made with rugged material like distressed leather and canvas. When buying a designer handbag, weight should also be considered as luxury brands tend to use material and hardware that is heavier and more durable. How often you will carry the bag and what you will have inside it should be considered along with the weight of the bag itself. If you will have your iPad in it, you may want to go with something that is both durable and lightweight.

Material is a good gauge of how to spot legitimate designer bags. Fake handbags may be stiff and have a more chemical smell. Authentic designer bags have the unmistakable smell of quality leather.

If you sniff the inside of a leather Louis Vuitton bag, for example, you will be greeted with the aroma of calf skin leather. Also, take a look at the lining. If it appears fragile or easily stained or quick to appear worn, think twice about making that particular design your everyday bag.

You should also consider the construction. A good designer bag will be very well made featuring intricate stitching and flawless stamping. The construction of a designer bag, its fabric and metals and threading is what makes the quality of the designer brand worth the money. Take a look at the stitching, trim, zippers, the zipper pulls, handles, and buckles. These features are important to consider in the uses of your bag whether you are looking for an everyday tote or casual weekend cross body, a well-made bag whose size, weight, and practicality will determine its usefulness for you.